Abstract Algebra 1 - Spring 2008 - Professor Alberto Baider
Information for Students

Office Hours: M, W 2:00-3:00. No appointment is necessary during these times.
Place: Room 918 HE.
Telephone #: (212) 772-5791
E-mail: abaider@hunter.cuny.edu
Please note: due to viruses and spam I will not respond to email queries unless you write in the Subject line your name followed by Abstract Algebra
Website: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/abaider
Required Text: “A First Course in Abstract Algebra” by John B. Fraleigh, 7th Edition - Addison Wesley.
Homework: A number of problems will be assigned at the end of each lecture. You should work on them at home, and at the beginning of the following lecture I will answer questions about them.
Exams and Grades:
    There will be three midterms plus a final exam. Separate exams will be given for undergraduate and graduate students. Detailed differences will be explained in class. But in general graduate students will be responsible - in addition to computational problems - for ALL proofs, both from the text and those offered in class. Undergraduates will be responsible for computational exercises, and all proofs offered as exercises in the text.
    The final will have two parts, each counting as a separate score. The first part will cover the last part of the course. The second will be a comprehensive exam on all topics of the course.
    Please note that no exam scores will be dropped. A missed exam will be assigned the score of 0. Students will be allowed to take a single make-up exam under the following regulations: the make-up of student's choice will have to be taken at an agreed time with the instructor up to May 14th, the last class of the semester. The score of the make-up will REPLACE the original score, regardless of what that original score was. Moreover, and to discourage fivoulous attempts, students should be aware that while all exams are prepared at a level of difficulty slightly lower than the level of the assigned homework problems, make-up exam’s levels will match the level of the homework problems’ difficulty.
    No incomplete grades will be given. The only exception to this rule will be for students running an average of 70 or better on at least two exams, who have a verifiably justified absence from the final.
    The final grade will be computed using the average of the five exam scores as follows:

    We will cover selected topics from Parts I-V from the text, and time permitting, selected topics from Parts VI and IX.
Exam dates (tentative):
Please note: the date and time of the Final Exam are determined college wide by the Registrar’s Office. Under no circumstances will I administer the final at any other time.