Full-Time Faculty
Joint Position

Professors Emeritae
Part-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty
The following hold full-time positions in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Alberto Baider, Professor; PhD, MIT; Differential algebra, Dynamical systems; Office: 918 HE; Tel: 772-5791; e-mail: abaider@hunter.cuny.edu

Ara Basmajian, Professor; PhD, SUNY Stony Brook; Hyperbolic geometry, Discrete groups; Office: 907 HE; Tel: 772-5311; e-mail: ara.basmajian@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://wfs.gc.cuny.edu/ABasmajian/www/

Martin Bendersky, Professor; PhD, California (Berkeley); Algebraic topology; Office: 902 HE; Tel: 772-5374; e-mail: mbenders@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~mbenders

Edward S. Binkowski, Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton; JD, Fordham; Data analysis; Office: 942 HE; Tel: 772-4715; e-mail: ed.binkowski@gmail.com; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~binkowsk

Patrick Burke, Lecturer; PhD, Columbia; Mathematics Education; Office: 927 HE; Tel: 396-6043; e-mail: pburke@hunter.cuny.edu

Barry M. Cherkas, Professor; PhD, Georgetown; Partial differential equations, Collegiate mathematics education; Office: 915 HE; Tel: 772-5741; e-mail: bcherkas@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~bcherkas

Daniel S. Chess, Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton; Structure theorems for diffeomorphisms; Office: 913 HE; Tel: 772-5750; e-mail: dchess@hunter.cuny.edu

Richard C. Churchill, Professor; PhD, Wisconsin; Differential algebra, Dynamical systems; Office: 909 HE; Tel: 772-5304; e-mail: richard.churchill@hunter.cuny.edu

Sandra Pryor Clarkson, Professor; EdD, Georgia; Mathematics and statistics education; Office: 931 HE; Tel: 772-4904; e-mail: sandra.clarkson@hunter.cuny.edu

Lucille Croom, Professor; PhD, Columbia; Mathematics education; Office: 908 HE; Tel: 772-5770; e-mail: lcroom@hunter.cuny.edu

Dana Draghicescu (see Dana Sylvan)

Scott L. Gentile, Lecturer; MA, Boston College; Mathematics Education; Office: 926 HE; Tel: 396-6042; e-mail: sgentile@hunter.cuny.edu

Thomas F. Jambois, Associate Professor; PhD, California (Berkeley); Riemann surfaces, Algebraic geometry; Office: 911 HE; Tel: 772-5302; e-mail: tjambois@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~tjambois

Olga Kharlampovich, Mary P. Dolciani Professor of Mathematics; Dr. Sci., Moscow Steklov Institute; Combinatorial group theory; Office: 916 HE; Tel: 772-4694; e-mail: okharlampovich@gmail.com ; website: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/olgak

Tatyana Khodorovskiy, Assistant Professor, PhD, Harvard; Geometric topology, Differential geometry; Office: 905 HE; Tel: 772-5308; e-mail: tk20@hunter.cuny.edu

John Loustau, Professor; PhD, California (Santa Barbara); Non-associative algebras, Computer graphics; Office: 913 HE; Tel: 772-4600; e-mail: jloustau@ msn.com

Ronald C. Neath, Assistant Professor; PhD, Minnesota; Markov chain Monte Carlo, Bayesian statistical methods; Office: 928 HE; Tel: 396-6044; e-mail: rneath@hunter.cuny.edu

Roger S. Pinkham, Ada Peluso Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics; PhD, Harvard; Statistics, Probability, Numerical analysis, Analysis; Office: 902 HE; Tel: 396-6040; e-mail: roger.pinkham@gmail.com

Joseph Roitberg, Professor; PhD, NYU; Algebraic topology; Office: 917 HE; Tel: 772-5303; e-mail: jroitber@hunter.cuny.edu

Michael Samra, Lecturer; M.Phil., CUNY Graduate Center; Mathematics; Office: 943 HE; Tel: 772-5476; e-mail: msamra@hunter.cuny.edu

Verna Segarra, Lecturer; MA, CCNY; Mathematics education; Office: 906 HE; Tel: 772-5769; e-mail: vsegarra@hunter.cuny.edu

Brian Shay, Associate Professor; PhD, CUNY; Algebraic topology, Reasoning under uncertainty (AI),
Mathematics of financial economics; Office: 914A HE; Tel: 772-5378; e-mail: bshay@hunter.cuny.edu

Lev Shneerson, Professor; PhD, Ural State; Combinatorial semigroup theory; Office: 903 HE; Tel: 650-3633; e-mail: lev.shneerson@hunter.cuny.edu

Dana Sylvan (formerly Draghicescu), Associate Professor; PhD, EPFL, Switzerland; Non-stationary processes, Quantile inference; Office: 914 HE; Tel: 772-5748; e-mail: dsylvan@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/draghice

Robert D. Thompson, Professor; Department Chair; PhD, Washington; Algebraic topology; Office: 902 HE; Tel: 650-3831; e-mail: robert.thompson@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~rthompso

William H. Williams, Professor; PhD, Iowa State; Sampling theory, Time series, Econometrics; Office: 904 HE; Tel: 772-4656; e-mail: bill.williams@hunter.cuny.edu

Joint Position (with Curriculum and Teaching)
Rachael Welder, Assistant Professor; PhD, Montana State University; Mathematics, Mathematics education specialization; Office: 1104 HW; Tel: 772-4697; e-mail: rwelder@hunter.cuny.edu

Professors Emeritae
Miriam Hecht, Assistant Professor Emerita; EdD, Columbia; e-mail: mhecht@hunter.cuny.edu
Jane Matthews, Associate Professor Emerita; PhD, NYU; Combinatorial group theory; e-mail: jmatthew@hunter.cuny.edu
Ada Peluso, Professor Emerita; PhD, NYU; Combinatorial group theory; e-mail: apeluso@hunter.cuny.edu

Part-Time Faculty
Some of the following, as indicated, hold full-time positions in other units of the College or in other educational institutions, but are not full-time faculty members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Meryem Abouali, Adjunct Lecturer, email: abmeus@gmail.com

Abduljalil Almqdashi, Adjunct Lecturer, email: aalmqdas@hunter.cuny.edu

Chris Arettines, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: carettin@hunter.cuny.edu

Sarah Arpin, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: saraharpin9@gmail.com

Assia Aubdoollah, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: aaubdool@hunter.cuny.edu

Barbara Barone, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: bbarone@hunter.cuny.edu

John Basias, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jbasias@gmail.com

Alannah Bennie, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: abennie12@gmail.com

Lisa Bromberg, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: lisa.bromberg@gmail.com

Douglas Brown, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: douglas.brown@hunter.cuny.edu

Miguel Callirgos, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mcalligr@hunter.cuny.edu

Erin Carmody, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: carmody.erin@gmail.com

Holger Carrillo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: hcarril@schools.nyc.gov

Taylor Cassidy, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: taylor.cassidy64@gmail.com

Kwang Cha, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: kwcha@hunter.cuny.edu

Si Lok Chao, Adjunct, e-mail: sicilok@gmail.com

Anbo Chen, Graduate Assistant A, e-mail: achen@gc.cuny.edu

Yimao Chen, Graduate Assistant A, ychen1@gc.cuny.edu

Mun Kuen Choy, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mchoy@hunter.cuny.edu

Paul Cinco, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: commonlog@aol.com

Evan Curcio, Adjunct, e-mail: evan.curcio@gmail.com

Fadime Demiralp, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: fdemiralp@gc.cuny.edu

Subir Dhamoon, Adjunct, e-mail: sdhamoon@gc.cuny.edu

Susan Donovan, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: smurra@hunter.cuny.edu

Viveka Erlandsson, Graduate Assistant A, e-mail: vivekaerlandsson@gmail.com

Arkady Etkin, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: arkadyetkin@yahoo.com

Hanns Ewald, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: hanns.ewald@verizon.net

Alejandro Falchettore, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: afalche@hunter.cuny.edu

Bora Ferlengez, Graduate Assistant A, e-mail: bora.ferlengez@gmail.com

Aron Fischer, Adjunct, e-mail: afischer@gc.cuny.edu

Jorge Florez, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: jorgeflrz@gmail.com

James Freeman, Professor, Department of Philosophy, e-mail: jfreeman@hunter.cuny.edu

Amy Garcia, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ygarcia@hunter.cuny.edu

Samuel Ghitelman, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sghitelman@gmail.com

Tithi Ghosh, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: tithi.ghosh@gmail.com

Jason Groob, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jgroob@hunter.cuny.edu

Richard Gustavson, Adjunct, e-mail: rgustavson@gc.cuny.edu

Maggie Habeeb, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: mhabeeb@gc.cuny.edu

Machiko Hayasaka, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: machiha@panix.com

Hai He, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: hai_he@yahoo.com; web site: http://www.mathteach.net

Mark Hillery, Professor, Department of Physiscs and Astronomy, e-mail: mhillery@hunter.cuny.edu

Andrew Hofstrand, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ahofstra@hunter.cuny.edu

Shiro Horiuchi, Professor, Urban Public Health, School of Health Sciences, e-mail: shoriuch@hunter.cuny.edu

Ben Hutz, Adjunct, email: bhutz@gc.cuny.edu

Saehan Hwang, Graduate Assistant A, e-mail: saehan.hwang@gmail.com

Araoye Ibitoye, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: A077272@hotmail.com

Alex Ittermann, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: a.ittermann@gmail.com

Ardalan Jalayer, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: aj145@hunter.cuny.edu

Christopher Jaouen, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: cjaouen@hunter.cuny.edu

Toshiaki Jitsukawa, Adjunct Assistant Professor; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center; e-mail: tjitsuka@hunter.cuny.edu

Wainwright Joseph, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: wjoseph27@gmail.com

Megan Joyce, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mjjoyce@optonline.com

Samiul Jubaed, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sjubaed@hunter.cuny.edu

Ajay Khashu, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: akhashu@gc.cuny.edu

Richard Klotz, Adjunct Professor, e-mail: rk239@hunter.cuny.edu

Hiro Komatsubara, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: hkomatsu@hunter.cuny.edu

Aradhana Kumari, Adjunct, e-mail: akumari@gc.cuny.edu

Christopher Larson, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: clarson@hunter.cuny.edu

Sal Leggio, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sleggio@hunter.cuny.edu

Connie Liang, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: plian@hunter.cuny.edu

Laura Liang, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: wlia@hunter.cuny.edu

Xiaojun Liao, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: xliao@hunter.cuny.edu

Ni (Yen) Lu, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: nilu20120@gmail.com

Fung Yee (Fanny) Ma, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: fannyma2005@yahoo.com

Maria Malygina, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mmalygin@hunter.cuny.edu

Blanca Marmolejo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: bmarmole@hunter.cuny.edu

Edward Materiale, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: emateria@optimum.net

Zachary McGuirk, Adjunct, e-mail: zmcguirk@gc.cuny.edu

Cheyne Miller, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: cheyne.miller@mac.com

Jeremy Miller, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jmiller@gc.cuny.edu

Yevgeniy Milman, Adjunct, e-mail: ymilman@hunter.cuny.edu

Saad Mneimneh, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, e-mail: saad@hunter.cuny.edu

Derege Haileselassie Mussa, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: dmussa@hunter.cuny.edu

Jordi Navarrette, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jnavarr@hunter.cuny.edu

Sarah Nelson, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sarah.nelson07@yahoo.com

Kikuno Nonoyama, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: knonoyam@hunter.cuny.edu

Muath Obaidat, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mobaidat@hunter.cuny.edu

Iryna Pavlyuk, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: iryna.pavlyuk@hunter.cuny.edu

Carlos Peña, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: cpena@hunter.cuny.edu

Joseph Quinn, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jquinn@hunter.cuny.edu

Manuel Rivera, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: manuelor@gmail.com

Susan Roos, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sroos@hunter.cuny.edu

Bernardo Saravia, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: bsaravia@hunter.cuny.edu

Ezra Shahn, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, e-mail: eshahn@hunter.cuny.edu

Ihsan Shahwan, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ishahwan@hunter.cuny.edu

Subash Shankar, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, e-mail: sshankar@hunter.cuny.edu

Mikhail Shklyar, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: mikhailspb2003@gmail.com

Jacob Shumway, Adjunct, e-mail: js1546@hunter.cuny.edu

Edward Silkworth, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: esilkwor@hunter.cuny.edu

Megha Singh, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: meghasingh@gmail.com

Iordan Slavov, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: islavov@hunter.cuny.edu

Stoyan Slavov, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sslavov@hunter.cuny.edu

Saran Soman, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ssoman@hunter.cuny.edu

Franklin Steen, Chief Information Officer & Assistant Vice President for ICIT, e-mail: franklin.steen@hunter.cuny.edu

Roman Stelmach, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: rstelmach6@cs.com

Guillaume Stoffels, Adjunct, e-mail: stofgui@hotmail.com

Andrew Stout, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: astout@hunter.cuny.edu

Tonya Sylvester, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: tsylvester614@gmail.com

Alexander Taam, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ataam@hunter.cuny.edu

Tahir Tabassum, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: tabassum@msn.com

Makram Talih, Associate Professor, Urban Public Health, School of Health Sciences, e-mail: mtalih@hunter.cuny.edu

Alvin Thaler, Adjunct Professor; PhD from Johns Hopkins University; e-mail: athaler@hunter.cuny.edu

Hartono Tjoe, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: htjoe@hunter.cuny.edu

Jonathan Trombley, Adjunct, e-mail: jtromble@hunter.cuny.edu

Mohi Uddin, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mohi.uddin@hunter.cuny.edu

Felisa Vázquez-Abad, Professor, Department of Computer Science, e-mail: felisav@hunter.cuny.edu

Rodney Weiss, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: rodney.e.weiss@gmail.com

Bruce Winokur, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: bwinokur@hunter.cuny.edu

Tian An Wong, Adjunct, e-mail: twong@gc.cuny.edu

Katarzyna Wyka, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: kwyka@hunter.cuny.edu

Christina Zamfirescu, Professor, Department of Computer Science, e-mail: christina.zamfirescu@hunter.cuny.edu

Victoria Zummo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: vzummo@hunter.cuny.edu

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