Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Instructions

  1. Download a copy of your Hunter College transcript from CUNYFirst

    This is not the transcript from your previous college that you took the course(s) from (we probably won’t need that). This is your Hunter transcript which lists the courses that you got transfer credit for. If you took a course that does not show up on your Hunter transcript then you cannot have that course evaluated by the department yet. You must contact the admissions office to obtain transfer credit for the course and then you can get the course evaluated by us.
      To obtain a copy of your transcript do the following:
    • Log in to CUNYFirst
    • Go to Student Center
    • Under the section called Academics click on the link My Academics
    • Select View my unofficial transcript
    • For institution select Hunter
    • For report type select unofficial transcript
    • Click on View Report
    • Download a PDF copy by selecting the download icon in the upper right

    Here are some screenshots from CUNYFirst to illustrate.
  2. Click the following link to download the Undergraduate Course Equivalency Form

    This is a fillable PDF form, so you can fill it out on your computer and print out a hard copy. Fill in your name and EMPLID#. Ignore the space where it says “Temporary/social security#”. Use one line for each course on your Hunter Transcript that you wish to have evaluated. If you have more than four courses to be evaluated, use a second form. For each course, in the first box on the left, fill in the name of the college where you took the course, and the course number which includes some prefix designating the discipline, e.g. MATH, MAT, etc. Then fill in the course title. Do not put anything in the middle or right boxes.
  3. Download and print a copy of a page or two from the college catalog from where you took the course

    which shows the catalog listing of the course you took. The course description will be brief but that’s okay. Hopefully the catalog listing will indicate the prerequisites for the course. Context is the most important thing here – try to include the listings of several courses that come before the one you took and several courses that come after. For example, if it is a precalculus course, the catalog listing will probably show something like a college algebra course that was a prerequisite to your precalculus course, and a calculus course that your precalculus course is prerequisite to. In this example, even if you did not take the college algebra course, or do not plan on taking the calculus course, that information is still most valuable for evaluation the transfer credit for the course you did take, Click the following link for an example of a typical catalog listing which shows the relevant information.
  4. Email the documents

    Once you have downloaded the transcript, course equivalency form and course catalog, email all the documents to with the subject line, "[Your Name] - Transfer Credit Evaluation" and we will respond as soon as we can. We will let you know if we need any additional information.