Martin Bendersky's Recent Publications

The Cohomology of Certain Function Spaces (with S. Gitler) Trans. AMS 326 No. 1 (1991), 423-440.

The Complex Bordism of Cyclic Groups (with D. Davis) in Alg. Topology, Proceedings, Arcata 1986, Lect. Notes in Math. #1370, Springer-Verlag, 53-57.

The Complex Bordism of Groups with Periodic Cohomology (with A. Bahri, D. Davis, and P. Gilkey), Trans. AMS., Vol 316, #2, (1989), 673-687.

Cobordism Span and Elliptic Genera, Math. Zeit., 202 (1989) 483-492

The additive Structure of MU*(BG), (with A. Bahri) Appendix B of "The Geometry of Spherical Space Form groups" by P. Gilkey, World Scientific series in Pure Mathematics, Vol 7, 342-348

The Relationship Between Complex Bordism and K-Theory for Groups with Periodic Cohomology (with A. Bahri and P. Gilkey), Proceedings of the International Conference, March 21-24, 1988, Contemporary Mathematics, Vol 96, 19-32.

Application of the Ochanine genus, Math. Zeit. 206, (1991), 443-455.

2-Primary v1-Periodic Homotopy Groups of SU(n), (with D. Davis) Amer. Journal of Mathematics. (1992), 465-494.

v1-Periodic Homotopy Groups of Exceptional Lie Groups- Torsion Free Cases, (with D. Davis, M. Mimura) Trans. AMS. (1992), 115-135.

The v1-Periodic Unstable Novikov Spectral Sequence, Topology. Vol 31 #1, (1992), 47-64.

The Unstable Novikov Spectral Sequence for Sp(n), and its Implications in Number Theory, (with D. Davis) Proceedings of J.F. Adams Memorial conference, Manchester England, London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series (1992).

v1-Periodic Homotopy Groups of Sp(n), (with D. Davis, M. Mahowald) Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol 170 #2 (1995), 319-378.

3-primary v1-periodic homotpy groups of F4 and E6, (with D. Davis) Trans. A.M.S. 44, (July 1994) 291-306.

KO homology of toric manifolds. (With A. Bahri.) Trans. A.M.S., Vol 352 #3 (July 1999) 1191-1202

The unstable Novikov spectral sequence for a non connective homology theory. (With R. Thompson.) Amer. J. of Math. 122 (2000) 599-653.

Compositions in the v_1-periodic homotopy groups of spheres (With D. Davis ) Forum Math. 15 (2003) 229-245.

The 1-line of the K-theory Bousfield Kan spectral sequence for Spin(2n+1) (With D. Davis.) Comtemporary Math. Vol 279 (2001) 37-56

Some properties of the K-theory completion (With R. Thompson.) Contemporary Math. Vol 293 (2002) 35-43

A Stable Approach to an Unstable Homotopy Spectral Sequence, (with D. Davis ) Topoly 42 (2003) 11261-1287

The Hopf Ring for Morava E Theory (with J. Hunton) Proc. of the Edinburgh Math Soc. (2004) 513-532

The v_1 periodic homotopy of SO(n). (With D. Davis), Mem of AMS 815 (2004)

Stable geometric dimension of Vector Bundles over even dimension real projective spaces. (with M. Mahowald and D. Davis), To appear in Trans AMS

Stable geometric dimension of Vector Bundles over odd dimensional real projective spaces.(with D. Davis) To Appear

A spectral sequence approach to normal forms( with R. Churchill). To appear in Contemporary Math AMS.

Normal forms in a cyclically graded Lie algebra(with R. Churchill)To Appear.

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