Math 155 Calculus II Section 003 Code 1664

Course Information

Homework for this course will be submitted in WebAssign.

The WebAssign Class Key for this section is: hunter 7879 7350

Click on the following link, make the page a favorite, and then click on "I have a Class Key"


When you search for your id in the following posting(s) please remember that I use only the last 7 didgits of you 9 digit id. Thus if your id was 123456789 then you should look for 3456789. After your id you will see a column labelled "#Corr" which gives the number of correct answers out of 20. Then the "Raw Score" which is #Corr * 4 + 20. Then "Curved" which is your score for purposes of computing grades, 90=A- etc.

Exam 1

Trochoid Notebook