Full-Time Faculty
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Professors Emeriti
Ada Peluso Visiting Professors
Part-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty
The following hold full-time positions in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Ara Basmajian, Professor; PhD, SUNY Stony Brook; Hyperbolic geometry, Discrete groups; Office: 907 HE; Tel: 772-5311; e-mail: ara.basmajian@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://sites.google.com/view/basmajian/home

Martin Bendersky, Professor; PhD, California (Berkeley); Algebraic topology; Office: 902 HE; Tel: 772-5374; e-mail: mbenders@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~mbenders

Barry M. Cherkas, Professor; Department Chair; PhD, Georgetown; Partial differential equations, Collegiate mathematics education; Office: 915 HE; Tel: 772-5741; e-mail: bcherkas@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~bcherkas

Daniel S. Chess, Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton; Structure theorems for diffeomorphisms; Office: 913 HE; Tel: 772-5750; e-mail: dchess@hunter.cuny.edu

Richard C. Churchill, Professor; PhD, Wisconsin; Differential algebra, Dynamical systems; Office: 909 HE; Tel: 772-5304; e-mail: richard.churchill@hunter.cuny.edu

Sandra Pryor Clarkson, Professor; EdD, Georgia; Mathematics and statistics education; Office: 931 HE; Tel: 772-4904; e-mail: sandra.clarkson@hunter.cuny.edu

Peter Craigmile, Professor; PhD, University of Washington; Statistics, Spatio-temporal modeling, Hierarchical statistical models, Collaborative research; Office: 908 HE; Tel: 772-5700; e-mail: peter.craigmile@hunter.cuny.edu;website: http://www.craigmile.com/peter

Bora Ferlengez, Lecturer; Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center; Algebraic Topology, Statistics; Office: 910HE; Tel: 772-4286; e-mail: bora.ferlengez@gmail.com

Scott L. Gentile, Lecturer; MA, Boston College; Mathematics education; Office: 926 HE; Tel: 396-6042; e-mail: sgentile@hunter.cuny.edu

Olympia Hadjiliadis, Professor; PhD, Columbia; Office: 942 HE; Tel. 212-772-4715; e-mail: olympia.hadjiliadis@gmail.com; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~olympia

Toshiaki Jitsukawa, Lecturer; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center; Group theory; Office: 942 HE, e-mail:tjitsuka@hunter.cuny.edu

Ilya Kapovich, Professor; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center; Geometric group theory, Geometric topology; Office: 917 HE; Tel. 772-5303; e-mail: ik535@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/ilyakapo

Olga Kharlampovich, Mary P. Dolciani Professor of Mathematics; Dr. Sci., Moscow Steklov Institute; Combinatorial group theory; Office: 916 HE; Tel: 772-4694; e-mail: okharlampovich@gmail.com ; website: http://sites.google.com/view/kharlam/home

Tatyana Khodorovskiy, Lecturer; PhD, Harvard; Geometric topology, Differential geometry; Office: 905 HE; Tel: 772-5308; e-mail: tk20@hunter.cuny.edu

Vincent R. Martinez, Assistant Professor; PhD, Indiana University; Partial differential equations, Dynamical systems; Office: 918 HE; Tel: 772-5791; e-mail: vrmartinez@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/vmartinez

Chun Pan, Assistant Professor; PhD, University of South Carolina; Interval-censored data; Office 928 HE; Tel. 396-6040; e-mail: chunpan2003@hotmail.com

Michael Samra, Lecturer; M.Phil., CUNY Graduate Center; Mathematics; Office: 943 HE; Tel: 772-5476; e-mail: msamra@hunter.cuny.edu

Lev Shneerson, Professor; PhD, Ural State; Combinatorial semigroup theory; Office: 903 HE; Tel: 650-3633; e-mail: lev.shneerson@hunter.cuny.edu

Dana Sylvan, Professor; PhD, EPFL, Switzerland; Non-stationary processes, Quantile inference; Office: 914 HE; Tel: 772-5748; e-mail: dsylvan@hunter.cuny.edu

Robert D. Thompson, Professor; PhD, Washington; Algebraic topology; Office: 902 HE; Tel: 650-3831; e-mail: robert.thompson@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/~rthompso

William H. Williams, Professor; PhD, Iowa State; Sampling theory, Time series, Econometrics; Office: 904 HE; Tel: 772-4656; e-mail: bill.williams@hunter.cuny.edu

Professors Emeriti

Alberto Baider, Professor Emeritus; PhD, MIT; Differential algebra, Dynamical systems; e-mail: abaider@hunter.cuny.edu

Lucille Croom, Professor Emerita; PhD, Columbia University; Mathematics Education; e-mail: lcroom@hunter.cuny.edu

Jane Matthews, Associate Professor Emerita; PhD, NYU; Combinatorial group theory; e-mail: jmatthew@hunter.cuny.edu

Ada Peluso, Professor Emerita; PhD, NYU; Combinatorial group theory; e-mail: apeluso@hunter.cuny.edu

Ada Peluso Visiting Professors

Alina Vdovina, Fall 2017-Spring 2018, PhD, Moscow State University; Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, Newcastle University, United Kingdom; e-mail: alina.vdovina@newcastle.ac.uk

Ilya Kapovich, Spring 2017; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center; Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Geometric group theory, Geometric topology; e-mail: ik535@hunter.cuny.edu; web site: http://math.hunter.cuny.edu/ilyakapo

Pascal Weil, Fall 2016; Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Université Bordeaux I, Laboratoire bordelais de recherche en informatique (LaBRI), France; e-mail: pascal.weil@labri.fr

Mikhail Volkov, Spring 2016, PhD, St. Petersburg State University; Federal Professor of Mathematics, Ural Federal University, Ekaterinberg, Russia; e-mail: mv1037@hunter.cuny.edu

Mahmoud Zeinalian, Fall 2015, PhD, CUNY Graduate Center; Professor of Mathematics, Long Island University, New York, e-mail: mzeinalian@liu.edu

Hugo Parlier, Spring 2015, PhD, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland; e-mail: hugo.parlier@gmail.com

Athanase Papadopoulos, Fall 2014, PhD, Université de Paris-Sud, France; e-mail: papadop@math.unistra.fr

Roger S. Pinkham, Fall 2011-Spring 2014; PhD, Harvard; Statistics, Probability, Numerical analysis, Analysis; e-mail: roger.pinkham@gmail.com

Part-Time Faculty
Some of the following, as indicated, hold full-time positions in other units of the College or in other educational institutions, but are not full-time faculty members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Daniel Addison, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, e-mail: danieladdison42@gmail.com

Geoffrey Akers, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: gakers@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Ebenhaezer Alwi, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ea2333@hunter.cuny.edu

Carol Badre, Graduate Teaching Fellow, email: cbadre@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Barbara Barone, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: bbarone@hunter.cuny.edu

Samantha Benedict , Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sb650@hunter.cuny.edu

Douglas Brown, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: dbr001@hunter.cuny.edu

Shohtaro Carroll, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: shohcarrollhc@gmail.com

Kwang Cha, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: kwcha@hunter.cuny.edu

Christopher Chan, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: christopher.chan@hunter.cuny.edu

Ping Chan, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ping.chan@hunter.cuny.edu

Olive Charlton, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: oc351@hunter.cuny.edu

Anbo Chen, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: anbochen@gmail.com

Caihua Chen, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: caihua.chen47@myhunter.cuny.edu

Jing Chen, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jch0168@hunter.cuny.edu

Minling Mandy Chen, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mc1845@hunter.cuny.edu

Qian Chen, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: qc167@hunter.cuny.edu

Pranav Chinmay, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: pchinmay@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Yin Choi Cheng, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: yc1334@hunter.cuny.edu

Mun Kuen Choy, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mkchoy32@hotmail.com

Chelsea Colon, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: chelseamath101@gmail.com

Edgar Cuapio-Diaz, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ec3481@hunter.cuny.edu

Martin Curley, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mc10512@hunter.cuny.edu

Matthew Cushman, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: matthew.cushman@hunter.cuny.edu

Nathan Davidov , Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: NathanDavidovMath@gmail.com

Fadime Demiralp, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: fdemiralp@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Joseph DiCapua, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: jd2443@hunter.cuny.edu

Vincent DiGiacomo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: vincedi95@gmail.com

Melissa DiMaio, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: md218@hunter.cuny.edu

Karina Dinershteyn , Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: kdinersh@hunter.cuny.edu

Nursima Donuk, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: nursima.donuk77@myhunter.cuny.edu

Alejandro Falchettore, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: afalche@hunter.cuny.edu

Luis Feliciano, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: luis.feliciano98@myhunter.cuny.edu

Zhan Gao, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: zhan.gao78@myhunter.cuny.edu

Amy Garcia, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ygarcia@hunter.cuny.edu

Professor Frank Gardella, e-mail: fgardell@hunter.cuny.edu

Diana Ghalayini, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: diana.ghalayini@gmail.com

Joshua Grillasca, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jg6535@hunter.cuny.edu

Olga Ghosh, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: oghosh@hunter.cuny.edu

Steven Goffner, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sg3469@hunter.cuny.edu

Morton Goldberg, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mg4924@hunter.cuny.edu

Xiaoyu Huang, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: xhuang@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Ardalan Jalayer, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: aj145@hunter.cuny.edu

Shahera Jannah, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jannah.shahera@gmail.com

Christopher Jaouen, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: cjaouen@hunter.cuny.edu

Samantha Jarvis, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sjarvis@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Yushan Jiang, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: yjiang2@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Hyun Joo (Suzana) Jung, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sju0011@hunter.cuny.edu

Zukhra Khaknazarova, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: zukhra.khaknazarova92@myhunter.cuny.edu

Richard Klotz, Adjunct Professor, e-mail: rk239@hunter.cuny.edu

Hiro Komatsubara, Adjunct Assistant Professor, e-mail: hkomatsu@hunter.cuny.edu

Hassane Kone, Adjunct Assistant Professor, e-mail: hk1048@hunter.cuny.edu

Sun Ah Kwon, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sun.kwon09@myhunter.cuny.edu

Sal Leggio, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sleggio@hunter.cuny.edu

Davide Leonessi, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: dleonessi@gc.cuny.edu

Owen Leung, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sl5893@hunter.cuny.edu

Connie Liang, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: plian@hunter.cuny.edu

Xiaojun Liao, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: xliao@hunter.cuny.edu

Hellen Lin, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: hl1558@hunter.cuny.edu

Weiyan Lin, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: weiyan.lin95@myhunter.cuny.edu

Erjona Lleshi, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: elleshi@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Vinh Ly, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: vl607@hunter.cuny.edu

Fung Yee Ma, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: fungyee.ma@hunter.cuny.edu

Jessen Malathu, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jmalathu@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Zachary McGuirk, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: zmcguirk@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Joshua Meisel, Graduate Teaching Fellow, e-mail: jmeisel@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Emily Mines, Adjunct Lecturer, email: em1599@hunter.cuny.edu

Saad Mneimneh, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, e-mail: saad@hunter.cuny.edu

Sayantika Mondal, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: smondal@gradcenter.cuny.edu

George Monge, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: gmonge@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Chandra Mongroo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: cm2928@hunter.cuny.edu

Benjamin Morgenroth, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: bmorgenroth2184@gmail.com

Giovanni Motta, Adjunct Associate Professor, e-mail: gm444@hunter.cuny.edu

Laura Mourino, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mourino.hunter@gmail.com

Zhihao Mu, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: zmu@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Aidin Murtha, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: aidin.murtha44@myhunter.cuny.edu

Sarah Nelson, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sbnelson@hunter.cuny.edu

Meryem Nesli, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: meryem.nesli@hunter.cuny.edu

Kikuno Nonoyama, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: knonoyam@hunter.cuny.edu

Muath Obaidat, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mobaidat@hunter.cuny.edu

Yanlin Ou, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: yanlin.ou14@myhunter.cuny.edu

Cesar Pabon-Bernal, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: cesar.pabonbernal96@myhunter.cuny.edu

Michael Pallante, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mpallant@hunter.cuny.edu

Aravindakshan Panicker, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: apanick@hunter.cuny.edu

Malcolm Pelletier, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mp6645@hunter.cuny.edu

Mac Psachie, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: mp3946@hunter.cuny.edu

Joseph Romero, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: romero.math98@gmail.com

Bryan Ronga, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: bryan.ronga07@myhunter.cuny.edu

Hassami Sawadogo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail:hassami.Sawadogo37@myhunter.cuny.edu

Sylvia Schaindlin, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sschaind@hunter.cuny.edu

Vincent Schinina, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: vschinina@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Valeriy Sergeev, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: vsergeev@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Sherri Shaarbafan, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: sshaarba@gmail.com

Khalid Shafiq, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: kshafiq@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Subash Shankar, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, e-mail: sshankar@hunter.cuny.edu

Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: siddiquiahsanm@gmail.com

Iordan Slavov, Adjunct Associate Professor,e-mail: iordan.slavov@hunter.cuny.edu

Stoyan Slavov, Adjunct Assistant Professor, e-mail: sslavov@hunter.cuny.edu

Ivana Stanisavljevic, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: is452@hunter.cuny.edu

Roman Stelmach, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: rstelma@hunter.cuny.edu

Connor Stewart, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: stewartconnor04@gmail.com

Alvin Thaler, Adjunct Professor; PhD, Johns Hopkins University; e-mail: athaler@hunter.cuny.edu

Jenna Tipaldo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jt1277@hunter.cuny.edu

Jessica Tobar, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jt2256@hunter.cuny.edu

Felisa Vazquez-Abad, Professor, Department of Computer Science, e-mail: felisav@hunter.cuny.edu

Adam Wang, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: aw1447@hunter.cuny.edu

Kacy Wiggins, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: kw667@hunter.cuny.edu

Wendell Williams, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: wawill@hunter.cuny.edu

Jane Wu, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jw6191@hunter.cuny.edu

John Wu, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: john.wu98@myhunter.cuny.edu

Ajmain Yamin, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: ayamin@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Kailin Zhang, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: kzha@hunter.cuny.edu

Zuyi Zhang, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: zuyzhang@iu.edu

Jin Rong Zheng, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: jinrong.zheng85@myhunter.cuny.edu

Victoria Zummo, Adjunct Lecturer, e-mail: vzummo@hunter.cuny.edu

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