Thesis supervision

At McGill University, Former and current PhD students:

1. E. Lioutikova, Algorithmic and approximation problems in free con-
structions", (graduated April, 1999).
2. S. Lioutikov, Centroids", (graduated April
3. N. Touikan, Systems of equations over free groups: Structures and
Complexity", graduated May 2009.
4. J. Macdonald (since 2006, completed Aug 2011).
5. A. Mohajeri (co-supervised with B. Shepherd), Geodesic problem in
solvable groups, (completed 2014 ),
6. A-P Greciano (co-supervised with A.Miasnikov), Group actions on hy-
perbolic metric spaces, (completed 2013)

At the CUNY Graduate Center:

Alex Taam, Simon Heller