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Pi Mu Epsilon, the National Math Honor Society

Chapter Faculty Adviser: Tatyana Khodorovskiy, tk20@hunter.cuny.edu
Chapter President: Leslie Chen


Pi Mu Epsilon is the National Mathematics Honor Society. The purpose of PME is the promotion of scholarly activities in mathematics by students in academic institutions. Membership is by nomination only. To be nominated, a person must meet the following qualifications:

  • Completed at least two years of college mathematics including Math 260, Math 311, and Math 351.
  • Math GPA is at least 3.0.
  • Overall GPA is at least 3.0.

2019 Inductees

Jared Berman
Melissa Dimaio
Zhan Gao
Aidin Murtha
Eunice Ng
Mohamed Nur
Say Park
Tamir Pinhasov
Subrina Rafiq
Wonsig Yang

Recent Activities

Each semester, PME sponsors a Math Jeopardy competition at Hunter College. Jeopardy is a TV game show where the problems are given in the form of an answer and the answer is given in the form of a question. There are 5 categories and 5 problems for each category. Each problem is actually an answer to a question. The contestant must guess what the corresponding question is for the given answer. For example:

Answer: It is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
Question: What is Pi?

Each problem has a time limit of 3 minutes. Contestants will be placed into teams of 3 and they can work together to arrive at an answer. Anyone with a knowledge of Calculus II should be able to answer all the problems. Everybody is welcome to participate. A prize is given to the winning team.

Current Members

Devon Ferguson
Reemu Singh
ustin Ho
Luis Feliciano
Steven Crisostomo
Leslie Chen
Naeem Nowrouzi
Meizhen Li
Michael S. Arguelles
Weiyan Lin
Daniel Grange
Ivana Stanisavljevic
Philip Ross

Some History

Pi Mu Epsilon was founded on May 25, 1914. It was the outgrowth of a mathematics club at Syracuse University. Professor Edward Drake Roe, Jr. had seen the benefit of intercollegiate cocurricular activities in Europe and suggested that idea to his club at Syracuse. He became the first Pi Mu Epsilon President, serving 1914-1929. The history of Pi Mu Epsilon was published in early volumes of the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal. Here is an anecdote from Pi Mu Epsilon's history:

The tenth Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon was established at Hunter College in New York City on Saturday, May 30, 1925. The installing officer of the Chapter was Pi Mu Epsilon's first President, E. D. Roe. In my files I recently found Professor Roe's June 4, 1925 letter to the Secretary-Treasurer reporting on the installation. I would like to share with you a few sentences from that letter:

"It was pretty strenuous work for me. I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. and arrived home the next morning at 6:15 a.m. They had collected money to pay my expenses, but I would not take it. However, I could not decline to accept a fine gold ornamented and inscribed fountain pen which they bought for me. We had a delightful time."

Professor Loustau found some interesting things from our PME history:

Every now and then, as I look through our old files, some history comes alive. In the summer of 2006 I came across a note from the early 1930s in one of the Chapter files. The note apologized to the Secretary- Treasurer for a check paying for the membership certificates that was not honored because between the time the check was written and the time the check was deposited, the bank had defaulted. I guess this happened often during the great depression.

Recent Graduates

Ariel Avshalumov '18
Mark Khaimov '18
Michele Kholodova '18
Patrycja Nikol Krawczuk '18
Emily P. Losi '18
David Meretzky '18
Saim B. Siddiqui '18
Christina Valente '18
Adriana Vega '18
Steven J. Wendel '17
Aliza Selter '17
Duyen Luu '16
Eden Volkov '16
Eunjeong Ok '17
Lisa Torre '16
Pablo Aranela '17
Sabrina Hussein '16
Shannon Murphy '16
Alannah L. Bennie 12
Sharma Goldson '15
Jiyoun Hong '12
Christopher P. Jaouen '14
Elzara Kimalova '12
Andrew Mac '12
Michael O'Neill '15
Richard A. Weiss
Stephanie A. Zarrindast'13
Mingjiao Zhang '12
Young Wook Baek '11
Yun M. Chen '11
Wojciech Grzemski '11
Matluba Khodjaeva '11
Alexander Taam '11
Kashif Yousuf '11
Max Zamor"11

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