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It is both a privilege and a joy to be a part of the mathematical community. Ever since my first mentor, Jean-Michelet Jean-Michel (now at Medgar Evers College), had set me on this path as an undergraduate, I have met so many wonderful people along the way. Here are some photos, collected over the years, in remembrance of them.

A mountain of thanks goes to all those involved in the conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc. mentioned below, especially the organizers. I've doubtless learned a great deal from these experiences and recall them with affection.

3rd Workshop on Fluids and PDE, Campinas, Brazil, Summer 2011

(From left to right) Anne Bronzi, Adam Larios, Luis Miranda, Roberto Velho

Special thanks to UNICAMP and the organizers Michael Jolly, Milton Lopes Filho, Anna Mazzucato, Helena Nussenzveig Lopes, Ricardo Rosa, and Edriss Titi

This was the first conference I had ever attended as a graduate student. It was here that I met Animikh Biswas and Edriss Titi. It was through conversations with them and Mike that the first part of my Ph.D. thesis, on studying the analyticity radius of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations, was identified.

MSRI Summer School in Dispersive PDE, Summer 2014

Shout outs to Laura Cladek, Eric Cooper, Seckin Demirbas, Estapraq Kahlil, Nathan Lanfear, Grace Liu, Luby Lu, Chenyun Luo, Kevin Mathers, Dominic Mei, Beniada Shabani, Kevin Schenthal, Brian Streit, Ryan Thompson, Xiang Wan, Klaus Widmayer, Zhihui Xie, Kazuo Yamazaki

Special thanks to MSRI and our lecturers Natasha Pavlovic and Nikos Tzirakis

IPAM Long Program: Mathematics of Turbulence, UCLA and Lake Arrowhead, CA, Fall 2014

(From left to right) Sam Punshon-Smith, Aseel Farhat, Pooja Rao, Theo Drivas, Navid Constantinou, Yi-kang Shi

Special thanks to UCLA, IPAM, and the organizers Charles Doering, Gregory Eyink, Pascale Garaud, Michael Jolly, Keith Julien, and Beverley McKeon

Summer School on Transport, Fluids and Mixing, Levico Terme (Trento), Summer 2015

Shout outs to Tobias Barker, Francesca Bernardi, Sara Daneri, Alexi Hoeft, Grzegorz Jamroz, Laura Keller, Omar Lazar, Keith Leitmeyer, Angel David Martinez, Benson Muite, Camilla Nobili, Christian Schulze, Laura Spinolo, Alberto Martin Zamora

Special thanks to the organizers Anna Mazzucato and Gianluca Crippa, and the lecturers Yann Brenier, Peter Constantin, Charlie Doering, and Alexander Kiselev

Oberwolfach Workshop 1533: Mathematical Aspects in Hydrodynamics, Summer 2015

Special thanks to MFO, the organizers Peter Constantin, Susan Friedlander, Gregory Seregin, and Edriss Titi, and all the participants

At the time, Nathan Glatt-Holtz was still an assistant professor at Virginia Tech; we did not know that we would reconnect once again at Tulane just a year later. Our history actually goes back to my days as graduate student at IU. Nathan had started his Zorn post-doc fellowship in 2008 at IU-Bloomington with Roger Temam, the same year I started my graduate studies there. After Virginia Tech, Nathan later accepted a position at Tulane, while I was still a post-doc of Kun Zhao. I became Nathan's post-doc in my final year at Tulane from 2017-2018.

Mathematics of Turbulence Long Program Reunion, Lake Arrowhead, Summer 2016

(From left to right) Navid Constantinou, Pooja Rao, Theo Drivas, Sam Punshon-Smith, Karen Zaya, David Goluskin

Special thanks to everyone who was a part of that workshop. It is perhaps the most memorable of the experiences I've had as a mathematician; the topics and discussions from my time spent at IPAM and the subsequent reunions continue to resonate deeply with my research interests and give it direction.

Probabilistic perspectives in nonlinear PDEs, Edinburgh, Scotland, Summer 2017

(From left to right) Padi Fuster (who I co-advised with Kun Zhao at Tulane University and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at UC Boulder), Aram Bingham, Cooper Boniece, David Herzog, Nathan Glatt-Holtz

Special thanks to the ICMS, the organizers Susan Friedlander, Nathan Glatt-Holtz, Tadahiro Oh, Oana Pocovnicu, and Geordie Richards. The workshop was one of many firsts: as a post-doc of Nathan, having the pleasure of delivering a talk on my work in Data Assimilation to that large of an audience, and my first time traveling to Edinburgh. It was a wonderful experience all in all and the organizers did an excellent job in curating the speakers.

Stochastic Fluid Dynamics, Bonn, Germany, Fall 2019

Shout outs to Hakima Bessaih, Luigi Amedeo Bianchi, Oleg Butkovsky, Jorge Cardona, Benedetta Ferrario, Mario Maurelli, Martin Saal, Camila Nobili, Marco Romito, and Margherita Zanella.

Special thanks to the HIM, the organizers Luigi Amedeo Bianchi, Mario Maurelli, Margherita Zanella. I am grateful for all of the insightful discussions, as well as the warm welcome and support I received from the SPDE community.

Criticality and stochasticity in quasilinear fluid systems, San Jose, CA, Spring 2022

Shout outs to Jincheng Yang, Yuanyan Feng, Yao Yao, Wojciech Ozanski, Dallas Albritton, Sarah Strikwerda, Bartosz Protas, Gautam Iyer, Marc Brachet, Laurent Lafleche, Mikhail Vishik, and Hussein Ibdah.

Special thanks to AIMS, the organizers Mimi Dai, Adam Larios, Alexis Vasseur, and Kazuo Yamazaki who cast a wonderful spirit of openness that made the workshop a beautiful place to share and exchange ideas.

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