2021 Past Seminars, Colloquia, Conferences, and Workshops


December 6

Washington University St. Louis Analysis Seminar (Remote)

December 3

Penn State University Probability Seminar (Remote)

November 15

Oregon State University Analysis Seminar (Remote)

November 5

SUNY Stony Brook Analysis Seminar Stony Brook, NY

November 2

Texas A&M University Nonlinear PDE Seminar (Remote)

October 25

Indiana University Bloomington PDE Seminar Bloomington, IN

October 21

Hunter College Applied Math Seminar (Remote)

October 20

SUNY New Paltz Machine Learning Seminar (Remote)

October 18

University of Southern California CAMS Colloquium (Remote)

October 15

University of Cincinnati Analysis and PDE Seminar Cincinnati, OH

October 6

Texas Tech University Probability, Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar (Remote)

July 15

Mathematical Congress of the Americas, Special Session on New Developments in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics (Remote)

June 15

University of Bremen Applied Analysis Seminar (Remote)

June 14

Università degli Studi di Pavia and Università degli Studi di Milano joint Probability seminar (Remote)

May 4

CUNY Graduate Center, Einstein Chair Seminar (Remote)

April 23

Tulane University Applied and Computational Math Seminar (Remote)

April 13

CUNY Graduate Center, Einstein Chair Seminar (Remote)

March 30

CUNY Graduate Center, Einstein Chair Seminar (Remote)

March 15

University of Illinois-Chicago, Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar (Remote)

February 26

Rutgers University-Newark, Physics Colloquium (Remote)

January 6-9

Joint Mathematics Meetings, AMS Special Session on Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence, and Data Assimilation (Remote)

Other years 

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