GROUP THEORY Course 2013 (Friday 10:00-12:00, Room 6421, Grad Center)

Course notes (I will be extending these notes)

Papers on the Agol, Wise work:

Danny Calegari, Notes on Agol's virtual Haken theorem,

I. Agol (with an appendix by D. Groves and J. Manning), The virtual Haken conjecture, preprint,

A. Hatcher, Notes on basic 3-manifold topology,

D. Wise, The structure of groups with a quasiconvex hierarhy,

D. Wise, From Riches to RAAGS: 3-Manifolds, right-angled Artin groups, and cubical geometry,

F. Haglund and D. Wise, Special Cube Complexes,

H. Wilton, Non-positively curved cube complexes.

M. Gromov, Hyperbolic Groups
Alonso, Brady, Cooper, Ferlini, Lustig, Mihalik, Shapiro, Short, Notes on Word Hyperbolic Groups

RAAGseminar notes, Tim Susse

Conference on 3-mNIFOLDS