MATH 150.09
Tuesday, Friday   11:10-1:00 pm
Assembly Hall (HN 118)


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Link to a neat list of problems with detailed solutions

Tom Lehrer is a mathematician who wrote and sang satirical songs in the 60's. Here is a link to Tom Lehrer singing songs about calculus

Handout for math 150. Read this for information about office hours, exams and grading.

Preliminary lecture schedule for the class.

The official text for the course is a bundle, consisting of Essentiial Calculus by James Stewart, Second Edition + webassign .

Use this Course ID to add your class after you have purchased the textbook bundle (or signed up for webassign online if you don't want a physical book) and have created your own student account with your Access Code.

Course Name:Math 150Fall2018 Section 09
Course ID:hunter 9366 1706

Each problem set is in two parts. First there are the sets listed below. These problems are not to be handed in. You should definitely do the first few problems and those marked by an asterisk (*). Some of the problems on the exams will be modeled on these problems.

The second part is a list of problems (listed by section) on webassign which will be computer graded and count towards 10% of your final grade.
The deadline for completing the online homework sets are a few weeks after the exam that will test those topics (except for the final where the deadline is the end of the course). DO NOT ASK FOR AN EXTENSION. You must do the homework problems before they are examined. This should be obvious. If you have not done the homework before it is due you are not using the homework effectively.

Homework for Math 150

Dates of exams may change. Don't forget to periodically refresh this web page (otherwise you may not see the changes.)

First Homework: 1.3-1.4.

Assignment 2: 1.5-1.6.

Assignment 3: 2.1-2.3.

Assignment 4: 2.4-2.5.

Assignment 5: 2.6-2.7.

Exam I Friday October 12

sections 1.3 - 2.7

You will not have to prove any theorems!! However there will be problems which depend on understanding the statements of
(i) The intermediate value theorem (Theorem 9 page 52)
(ii) A function that has a derivative is continuous (theorem 4 page 88)

You are expected to be able to apply the rules for limits and the derivative, There will be a related rates problem. There will be problems on the exam that require some or all of the above. There will be multiple choice questions.

Bring a pencil!!!

Assignment 6: 2.8, 3.1-3.2.

Assignment 7: 3.3-3.4

Assignment 8- 3.5, 3.7

Exam II, Tuesday November 6


The exam will cover material from the last exam-->3.7
A PARTIAL list of topics that will be on the exam:There will be a problem on Linear approximation and Differentials e.g. Problems of type 11-14 or problems of type 17-18 page 139. There may be a problem on the Mean value theorem, Page 154, e.g. Problems 9-12 Page 157. A problem on how the derivative effects the shape of a curve i.e sections 3.3-3.4. There will be an Optimization problem (section 3.5), and questions on anti derivatives (section 3.7)

BRING A PENCIL!!! Assignment 9- 4.1-4.3.

Assignment 10: 4.4-4.5.

Assignment 11: 7.1-7.3.

Exam III. Tuesday December 4 .

There will be a problem on Riemann sums, as in problem 2, page 221 problems 15-17 on page 222. There will be problems on displacement as on page 232 #59-60. There will be an area between curves problem. Of course this is not a complete list of what will appear on the exam which includes material up to and including section 7.3.


Last day of classes Tuesday Dec 11

The final exam will be Tuesday December 18, 9:00 - 11:00.

SOME MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE FINAL: -There will be problems on computing limits using the limit rules.
-You will have to use linear approximation or differentials to estimate a function.
-You will have to recognize a limit as the derivative of some function.

- Problems on curve sketching
related rates
The fundamental theorem

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