MATH 83100

GROUP THEORY (Friday 11:45-13:45, Room 5417, Grad Center, 365 5th av.)

Dec 9 , the class will be a part of Manhattan algebra day, Grad Center, Room C 205

10:30-11:30 Olga Kharlampovich (Hunter College, CUNY)
Non-standard group actions | Abstract
11:40-12:40 Alex Gamburd (Graduate Center, CUNY)
Groups, expanders, and random graphs | Abstract

Dec 7, I invite everybidy to my "Soup and Science" lecture
Five Worlds: a Mathematical Problem Determines Which One We Live In
Hunter College, West Building Room 619, 1-2 p.m. followed by soup
The lecture is about P vs NP problem


Lecture1 slides   Lecture 1, part2 slides
lecture 2 follows the paper by Kapovich, Miasnikov in the reference list in the Syllabus
Lecture2,part1 slides     Lecture2, part2 slides    Lecture3 slides (Sep9)    Lecture4 slides (Sep 16),     Lecture4 part2(sep 16)
H. Neumann conjecture proved by Mineev (slides)
possible project

Lecture5 (Sep 23)
Lecture6 (Oct 4)   Lecture7 (Oct 14)  Lectures 8,9 (Oct 21, 28),
Lecture 10 (Nov 4)
Lecture 11(Nov 11)
Lecture12 Hints for the homework 2
(lectures 8,9 follow these notes by Kharlampovich, Myasnikov)
Reading this can help to understand Lecture 8: Hilbert basis theorem,
Algebraic geometry (read chapter 2)
Some Open Problems,   More open problems at the last page of the paper
paper by Scott and Wall, Topological methods in group theory
Culler_Morgan, R-trees (help for Lecture 11)
Homework, due Oct 14 Homework, due Nov 18
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